SCACURE Networks Inc. - Advocating for Sickle Cell Patients & Caregivers
SCACURE provides the following services and support:
  • Newborn screening - partner with the Indiana State Department of Health, Sickle Cell Program to follow up on presumptive positive Sickle Cell Trait babies. Ensuring the parents and the infant are connected with the provider; provider awareness, and referral for follow-up screening.  providing counseling on basics of Sickle Cell disease, trait, and other hemoglobinopathies.
  • Educational workshops - offering training, education, and on-going support and engagement with a broad network for support.  Bridging the knowledge gap for healthcare professionals through education, training, and outreach programs.
  • Community engagement - Engaging the broader community where emergent populations of those affected by sickle cell are unserved or underserved.
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